Miya- Kikka Blue Donabe


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Kikka series pots are light in weight and can be brought to a boil quicker than usual. Kikka post are excellent for retaining heat after the heat is turned off. You can cook rice easily with a Kikka becasue it has ridges inside, showing how much water to put in. Unlike conventional donabe (earthen pot), the Kikka requires no pre seasoning before use. Fitted with easy to grip handles.

Serves one – 28.75 oz. / (850ml).
8 diameter x 4 h (rim: 7.25).
Microwave, oven, open flame, heating coil safe.
Made in Japan.

Ginpo (established in 1932):
To maintain the quality of their products, Ginpo purchases only carefully selected raw materials and has created an integrated production system, from clay-making and glaze formulation to kiln firing. For the year 2000, Ginpo received and has maintained their ISO9001 certification – International Standard for Quality Management System. To ensure consistent quality and continuous improvement, Ginpo implements and manages the production and development systems in accordance with the ISO9001 standards, consistently producing on the highest quality of product.