Natalie Rae Wallet


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Handmade with various colorful textiles repurposed from the Hmong tribal original dress of North Vietnam.

The Hmong live isolated in their hillside communities far north of Hanoi, preserving their traditional way of life, largely untouched by outside influence.

Hmong original cross stitched and batik fabric, with an inside zipper, 1 top and bottom pocket, and carefully lined cotton interior.

==== This item is uniquely handmade====

Approx. Dimensions:
Width : 8” inch / 20.5 cm
Height : 4” inch / 10 cm
Depth : 2” inch / 5 cm

Hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent, add white vinegar to fix colors. Air dry on a flat surface.

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Patchwork, Ruby Red, Honey Yellow, Midnight Turquoise