The summer season is approaching, and warm weather is finally here. This is an ideal time to return to nature and find ways to relax and meditate to let our stress go. Meditation instruments are great for relaxation as they create soothing sounds that help calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote inner peace. The melodic tones and vibrations produced by these instruments can guide the listener into a state of deep relaxation. This allows for a more tranquil and rejuvenating experience. This month at Casual Cat, we’re discussing two spiritual gifts you can find at our shop and how to use them to reduce stress. 

Awakening Bell

An Awakening bell, also known as a meditation bell, is often used to mark the beginning and end of a meditation session or to bring mindfulness and focus on the present. Its long overtones can help promote a Theta relaxed state characterized by deep calm. The bell can be used in two ways. You can tap it and listen to the overtones or rub it (like a Tibetan singing bowl) and make it sing.

To use an awakening bell, find a quiet space indoors or in nature and get into a comfortable meditation posture. Set an intention for your practice, establish a breathing pattern, and begin your meditation. When you’re ready, gently ring the awakening bell to begin your meditation. Focus on your breath, staying present and mindful. 

When you’re ready to finish meditating, use the bell again to signal the end of your meditation. Embrace the sound as it fades, taking the time to appreciate the stillness and peace cultivated during your practice.

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Zenergy Chime

A Zenergy chime, also known as a meditation or Zen chime, is a small percussion instrument designed to produce a clear and resonant tone. It’s a versatile instrument used in various settings such as personal or group meditation, yoga classes, therapy sessions, and more. 

To use a Zenergy chime, hold it by the wooden base and find a quiet space to focus without distractions. Take a moment to center yourself and bring awareness to the present moment. 

Gently strike or tap the metal bar of the chime using the included mallet. Listen mindfully as the chime produces its resonant sound, paying attention to its vibrations and how the tone resonates within you. Use the sound as a focal point for reflection or meditation. Let it guide your attention or deepen your state of mindfulness.

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