Board of Directors

Mr. Tibby

Tibby has been on staff since 2014.

Tibby is our Senior Board member at The Casual Cat.

His daily goals include overseeing the work of both Jax and Peter, Customer service and offering lots of purrs and attention to all who come in. Tibby spends most of his day in the Framing end of the business assuring all work is completed with accuracy. Tibby’s office where he can be found on his down time is usually a cardboard box that is located on the gift wrap counter.

Mr. Jax

Jax has been on staff since 2022.

Along with all his job responsibilities which include customer service, Mr Jax expertly arranges catnip toys, scratching posts, and feather wands.

Jax oversees inspecting each toy for playability and fluffiness, and specifically loves to make sure all the ball toys are in working order. When our customers are in the store he will often have them “throw” the ball for him to fetch and promptly return it to them, to insure consistency in how the ball rolls and performs for all cats who will play with them. Quality control is his super power.

Mr. Peter Frampton

 Peter has been on staff since 2022.

Peter or Petie, as he is best known as, is blood related to Mr. Jax.

Mr Peter Frampton oversees Security. Mr Peter is often hiding on the outskirts of the store keeping an eye on operations and insuring everyone is safe and being taken care of. The Casual Cat couldn’t have asked for a better protector than Petie, he takes his job very seriously. If picking up Peter is on your agenda while in the store, think again! Peter is very shy and prefers to work undercover.

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