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We usually think of sending greeting cards for big holidays, especially Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. But plenty of little holidays fall between the major celebrations, as readers of our blog are sure to know. Now, we know it’s unlikely that you’ll find a card that’s specifically made for these holidays, but you can get creative with the many greeting cards we have at Casual Cat and find something that works for your favorite niche holiday.


Here are some of our favorite occasions to send greeting cards that are coming up in October.


National Cinnamon Bun, Day October 4

Who doesn’t like a nice warm cinnamon bun? If you’re a baker who likes to share your creations with your friends and family, why not celebrate this day? Make a batch of cinnamon buns and find some fall-themed cards to write little notes when you give them to family and friends. People always appreciate an unexpected gift, especially when it’s something tasty!


National Farmer’s Day, October 12

Do you have a farmer in your life? Whether you know a professional farmer or someone who has an impressive vegetable garden, this is a day to let those who grow our food know how much we appreciate them. In the fall, harvest vegetables are a common image, and cards featuring them are perfect to send to your farming friends!


Global Cat Day, October 16

It should come as no surprise that we’re on top of this holiday at Casual Cat. In fact, there are three holidays in October in honor of our feline friends. October 16th is Global Cat Day, the 27th is National Black Cat Day, and the 29th is National Cat Day. You’ll have no problem finding cards featuring black cats during spooky season, and cats are often featured on greeting cards of all kinds. And you have plenty of opportunities this month to tell your fellow cat lovers that you’ve been thinking about them.


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Find greeting cards for all occasions at Casual Cat!

Whether you decide to stick with the traditional holidays or get creative with the smaller celebrations in between, come to Casual Cat to find the perfect greeting cards and gifts! You’ll be able to find something to show that you care for even the trickiest people to buy for.


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