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The start of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on the memories you made in the previous year! Whether it is photos from holiday parties, family vacations, or get-togethers with friends the best way to make that memory last a lifetime is with custom framing! Here at Casual Cat, we specialize in customized framing. Our framing shop has countless styles and colors so you are sure to find the perfect frame to accentuate your photos! Here are a few things to consider when picking out picture frames.


Following Color Trends


When it comes to choosing frame color there are a few aspects to consider. First, take into consideration the style and colors already in your home. If you have a more bold style home or are looking for a frame that will make a statement you could consider selecting a frame that will convey that. Oppositely, if you are looking for something more neutral that will blend with your home you could consider a more classic stain or natural colors!


Should you Add a Mat?


Mats are a great way, not only to add a creative touch to your picture but also to help to protect your image as well! A mat serves as a barrier between the glass and your photo to protect it in the case of condensation. However, adding a mat is a popular stylistic choice since many feel it decorates the photo. 


Establish your Style


With countless frame choices, it is important to decide what your style is and find a frame that reflects that. For example, do you prefer thinner frames that give the photos a more subtle touch or thicker trim-like frames that are bold and make a decorative statement? In addition, consider the profile of the frame and how it will go with other decor in your home.


Come by Our Custom Framing Shop!


Regardless of your style, Casual Cat has the right frame to accentuate any art whether they are family photos, sports memorabilia, or pieces of art. Our framing shop has over 5,000 custom framing samples in the trendiest colors and designs. This will make your project beautifully unique! 


For more information about our custom framing please contact us or stop by your shop located at 141 NH-101A, 

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