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The popularity and demand for handmade jewelry has all but taken over the fashion world. More than ever, people are looking for unique, fashion-forward, expertly crafted handmade jewelry over mass-produced pieces. Why is that? Well, handmade art can be more charming than ones crafted and assembled by a machine! Here at the Casual Cat, we are always adding stunning new pieces to our collection.



Why Choose Handmade Jewelry? 


First of all, when you purchase a piece of handmade jewelry, you will be receiving unique and individual pieces of art. Due to the nature of art and the creative process, there are almost always slight variations from one piece to the next. But that’s not a bad thing! These tiny quirks are a small part of a bigger story — reflecting the many hours the artist spent learning the craft and creating the jewelry.


Jewelry for Every Occasion


Choosing the right handmade jewelry for every occasion can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! Depending on the event or place, you might feel the need to match your style to the environment. So, let’s dive into how to style different types of handmade jewelry for everyday events.




Are casual looks your go-to? Running errands and coffee with your friends doesn’t require fancy attire. Therefore, a simple look with earrings and a necklace would be perfect for dressing up your everyday. A beautiful beaded necklace might be the right choice!




If you work in a professional setting, a handmade piece can be the perfect way to bring a whole outfit together. Why not try a handmade sterling silver necklace or bracelet to show off your favorite color? Small accent earrings are also a great choice to add a pop of color!


Night Out


Looking for a statement piece for your next night out? Well, the Casual Cat has something for you! Eyecatching earrings can frame your face and add even more style to your look. Plus, handmade earrings are an excellent conversation starter!



Casual Cat Handmade Jewelry 


Casual Cat has an extensive collection of stunning, handmade jewelry with something for everyone! We have handmade pieces from artists like Holly Yashi, Christopher Poly, Alicia Van Fleteren, and Alice White. We work with vendors worldwide to supply Fair Trade and high-quality pieces for every occasion.


For more information, visit us at Casual Cat! We are constantly updating our inventory, so you never know what you’ll find here. Our shop is located conveniently at 141 NH-101A in Amherst, NH.


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