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If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, it’s impossible to go wrong with pottery. It’s attractive and useful and, in the case of handmade pottery, unique. If you’re searching for a good gift and are in need of a local pottery shop, Casual Cat is the shop you’re looking for.

Pottery turns everyday objects into works of art.


A Peaceful Art Form

Pottery requires time and patience to create, and you can feel that sense of peaceful artistry when you handle a piece of handmade pottery. When you give pottery as a gift or buy a piece for yourself, you are getting something that you will use or see every day. That’s a piece of art that you hold in your hands on a regular basis. How often do you get to handle art? The gift of pottery makes art part of daily life.


We sell pottery from many talented artisans at Casual Cat. Here are some of the lines of pottery you’ll find in our shop.


Mosquito Mud Pottery

Founded in 1998, Mosquito Mud Pottery produces beautiful handcrafted pieces that are the perfect addition to any home. The artisans at Mosquito Mud Pottery have a love for American handcraft and the ocean. You can see their love for their art in every piece, and no two pieces are exactly alike. If you are trying to shop for that person who has everything, any piece from Mosquito Mud is undoubtedly something they don’t have.


Always Azul Pottery

This Colorado-based pottery studio opened in 1971. The trademark of Always Azul is its shiny glaze, featuring blues and other bright colors. Always Azul Pottery also features intricate designs etched into the surface. These designs depict images of animals and nature scenes. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or want to start or add to a collection, an item from Always Azul is a beautiful and unique gift.


Casual Cat: A Unique Gift and Pottery Shop

Come visit us at Casual Cat and see all the unique pottery pieces we have in stock. We carry pottery from several other artisans, too, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift. Did you have something else in mind? We’re much more than just a pottery shop! We have jewelry, glassware, accessories, spiritual gifts, and so much more! You’ll just have to stop in and see for yourself!


Contact us at (603) 882-1443 or visit us at 141 NH-101A in Amherst!

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