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Let’s talk about picture framing. Too often, art and memorabilia are stored in boxes and on shelves. It’s time to display the pieces you’ve been collecting! Custom picture framing might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! The framing specialists at Casual Cat have years of experience and over 5,000 custom framing samples! You don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed by the number of colors and designs. The experts at Casual Cat can help you design and select the right frame for your project.


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Things We Can Frame


Have you considered framing something other than your memorable family photos? Well, you definitely can! Here’s a quick list of unique items we have experience framing:



Protecting Your Valuables


Each person has their version of what’s valuable to them, and If it’s valuable to you-it’s valuable to us. Furthermore, all of our materials are museum quality & approved for conservation. Some people love handmade art prints, while others collect movie memorabilia! Both of these are valuable. For these reasons, custom picture framing is the ideal way to preserve your pieces! High-quality custom framing will last a lifetime, and your perfect pictures will stay safe on the walls.


Standing Out


Everyone’s taste and style are unique but good framing is universal. A well-designed piece of framing blends into the image to present an overall cohesive look that makes the framing an extension of the art. This allows your eye to focus solely on the artwork you treasure.


Expression Of You


The art on your walls tells your story. And we have over 5,000 frames to choose from that will help you tell that story. From flat black frames to ornate golds and silvers, to bright colors and patterns. We’ll help you to make sure your piece feels like “you”


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Custom Picture Framing at Casual Cat


As members of the Professional Picture Framers Association, you can be confident that your custom picture framing needs are in the very best, most professional, and highly qualified hands here at Casual Cat!


Have a project you’d like to get started? Stop by and visit our store!. Please allow up to two weeks for your project to be completed due to manufacturing delays. Specialty projects such as shadow boxes for memorabilia can currently take up to a month. We want to take care of every little detail!


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