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Here at Casual Cat, we have a lot of exciting things happening! For starters, we couldn’t be more excited about our new website with the addition of our blog! If you are like many people, you may be wondering what in the world a blog is and how, exactly, it pertains to you. Well, that is precisely why this page is here – to answer your questions.

The Casual Cat blog is your go-to for everything concerning what we do! From inside looks at some of the most recent custom picture framing projects to understanding why you should feel good about purchasing fair trade products, this page is here to keep you involved! Of course, those are only a few of the many exciting articles coming your way!

Of course, if you are ever searching for something in particular and can’t find it – let us know! There are so many unique aspects to Casual Cat – from fair trade gifts to handmade pottery, custom framing to the finest jewelry. It’s going to take us some time to touch upon all of it! Whether you drop into the store or message us, remember that we’re always here to answer your questions. We hope that you enjoy what is to come and check back frequently!


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While you are checking out the new site, be sure to head over to Facebook and follow Casual Cat. There, you will find the most recent shop happenings, latest products, events, fun facts, and (of course) lots of photos of Romeo and Tibby! Okay, we’ll admit it – it will be a lot of Romeo and Tibby. We just can’t get enough of these two!


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As always, we thank you for your continued support in making us the number one framing and gift shop in the area! We look forward to the exciting adventures ahead!

~ The Casual Cat Family

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