Why not purchase a gift that gives back? Fair Trade Gifts are the perfect way to show your love and give back this Valentine’s Day. 


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Planning your next Valentine’s Day or Galantine’s soiree? Why not skip the roses this year and purchase a gift that gives back? Here at Casual Cat, we offer a menagerie of unique gifts and accessories for every occasion. Among a wide range of items from around the world is a collection of Fair Trade gifts for purchase. 


Learn more about our unique selection below and how you can contribute to a meaningful cause while showing how much you care this Valentine’s Day. 


What Does “Fair Trade” Mean?


Fair Trade vendors are small-scale, marginalized workers and farmers who are located worldwide. Everyone deserves equal pay, humane working conditions, and a positive work environment. Through the support of Fairtrade buyers and consumers, these fundamental human work rights are offered, while providing a sustainable livelihood for Fair Trade vendors and their families.


Our Fair Trade Partners

We proudly partner with a worldwide selection of Fairtrade vendors. These products give back monetarily to underpaid women and their families. We offer a variety of local brands such as Serrv, Natural Habitat, Pebble, Natalie Rae, and more! Feel good about purchasing Fair Trade gifts for your Valentine! 


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Fair Trade Gifts for Your Valentine

Heart-shaped cards and fancy bouquets are wonderful signs of appreciation. But this means searching for the last box of chocolates and waiting in the supermarket lines for what seems like hours. Here at Casual Cat, you will experience a calm and cozy setting to shop for all your gifting needs. We offer various options from personalized frames for your romantic picture collage to fine glassware for that candlelit dinner. Skip the roses and the lines this year and give your Valentine (or Galentine) something unique!


When it comes to sharing the love, you can contribute to those in need while also giving a beautiful gift from one of our fine Fair Trade vendors. Some ideas include: 



Looking for something special for Valentine’s Day? Check out our unique selection of gifts and custom framing options. Please stop by and say hello to the entire staff at the Casual Cat, including Tibby the shop cat!


For more information, visit us at Casual Cat! We are constantly updating our inventory, so you never know what you’ll find!


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