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Fun fact: fall is America’s favorite season. According to a survey from YouGov, nearly 30% of Americans say that fall is their favorite season, beating out summer’s 25%. At Casual Cat, we have handmade gifts for every season and occasion, but we think there’s something special about fall gifts. Fall gifts are supposed to be warm, cozy, and comfortable, and those are feelings everybody loves. Buying gifts for some of our friends and family can be tricky, but it’s easy to find something for everyone in the fall.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for fall-themed handmade gifts.



Useful items are always a good idea for people who are tricky to buy for. Things like throw blankets, linens or napkins, and table settings are gifts everyone can use. And it’s often easy to match people’s tastes and preferred color palettes in the fall. Many fall colors are neutrals, and honestly, who couldn’t use an extra blanket?


Big Mugs

Fall is the time for hot drinks, and what better way to enjoy them than in a big mug? Whether your favorite is coffee, tea, cider, or something else, Casual Cat carries several lines of beautiful pottery that are great practical choices when you’re looking for handmade gifts.


Scented Candles

We all have that friend who loves candles. And so many of the most popular candle scents are associated with fall. Pumpkin and pumpkin spice, apple, and cinnamon are all delightful aromas that most of us are happy to fill our houses with in the fall.


Fall-Flavored Treats

Food is the ultimate practical gift, isn’t it? What’s more, many of the scents we love during fall come from delicious fall flavors. Pumpkin spice is everywhere, and many people love it, but there are other fall flavors, too! Apple, cinnamon, and caramel are tasty on their own or together. And in New Hampshire, we know that you can’t go wrong with maple. If you have any bakers among your friends and family, new spices and flavors to try are always a welcome gift.


Handmade Gifts for Every Occasion

At Casual Cat, we make gift-giving easy, no matter the occasion. And we are always getting new seasonal items in, so there’s something different to see every time you visit us. In addition to our selection of fair trade and handmade gifts, we offer custom picture framing, which also makes a thoughtful gift.


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